About Us

Our mission is to bring the world of meditation and mindfulness into the lives of children through carefully curated products. We strongly believe that meditation is the answer to the problems we face every day like stress, negative emotions, loss of patience, and focus. By teaching kids how to meditate at a young age we are giving them a tool that will help them grow their awareness, gain a new perspective on stressful situations, and practice their mindfulness. Join us on our journey to share the practice of meditation with the younger generation.

Who we are

We are two best friends who realized our kids were spending too much time in front of screens. We decided we needed a list of alternate activities. After brainstorming ideas with them, the youngest suggested meditation. It sounded perfect. We started researching how to teach meditation to kids. We found little information, and ended up with more questions than answers. We decided that we should work on making meditation and resources more available to parents so that they can give this magical gift to their children. That is how Zenü was born. We traveled the world and curated a meditation kit especially created for children. It contains everything your child will need to get started in their meditation journey, from breathing exercises to affirmation cards, a meditation buddy, and even a perfectly sized meditation mat.