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Kids' Mindfulness Card Set

Kids' Mindfulness Card Set

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  • Cultivate Mindfulness from an Early Age: Introduce your children to mindfulness with the award-winning Zenü Kids' Meditation Card Set. Beautifully hand-drawn, this set includes 20 affirmation cards and 5 engaging breathing exercises, perfectly tailored for young minds aged 4 and up, fostering emotional balance and creativity.

  • Award-Winning Mindfulness Tool: The Zenü Kids' Mindfulness Card Set, a proud recipient of the Sparks Play Mindfulness Award, offers top-notch resources to nurture mindfulness and emotional regulation in children, ensuring a high-quality, trusted tool for parents and educators.

  • Meditation Tips Tailored for Kids: Empower your child with the Zenü Kids' Meditation Card Set, featuring valuable meditation techniques and tips specifically designed for young minds. This set cultivates focus, relaxation, and emotional balance in a fun, accessible, and age-appropriate way.

  • 20 Inspiring Affirmation Cards: The Zenü Kids' Meditation Card Set comes with 20 beautifully illustrated affirmation cards, each designed to instill positive thoughts and confidence in young minds. These cards are a perfect tool for daily inspiration, helping children build a strong foundation of self-esteem and a positive outlook on life.
  • Playful Breathing Exercises for Emotional Regulation: The Zenü Kids' Meditation Card Set includes five interactive breathing exercises that foster calmness and emotional regulation. These playful and engaging exercises help children navigate their emotions and develop self-soothing skills, making mindfulness enjoyable.

  • Mindful Breathing for Emotional Balance: Enhance your child's emotional regulation skills with the Zenü Kids' Meditation Card Set. It offers five interactive, fun, and engaging breathing exercises that teach children to navigate their emotions, find calmness, and cultivate focus in a playful manner.

  • Spark Creativity and Mindfulness: Unleash your child's creativity while fostering mindfulness with the Zenü Meditation Card Set. Creatively hand-drawn and designed for children aged 4 and up, this set nurtures creativity alongside emotional well-being, making it a unique tool for holistic development

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