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Zenu Meditation Kit for Kids

Zenu Meditation Kit for Kids

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This Meditation Kit includes everything your child needs to embark on their journey of meditation. It has been designed to help kids create a meditation area and find their inner calm, increase their positivity, self-confidence, and creativity,  calm and reset their nervous systems, learn breathing techniques and decrease stress and anxiety.



Woven Meditation Mandala Rug

Handmade Crochet Thor-The-Meditation-Dragon Buddy 

5 Breathing Exercise Cards

20 Affirmation Activity Cards

Meditation Tips

Parent Guide

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What’s included


This fun and playful hand-made stuffed animal provides comfort and security while making meditation more fun and engaging. It also serves as a visual aid that helps children create a consistent meditation practice, by using Thor-The-Meditation-Dragon during each meditation session, children can create a sense of routine and familiarity that can help them stay committed to their practice.

Mandala Rug

This beautiful meditation mandala rug serves as a focal point for children's attention during meditation. The patterns and designs of the mandala can help children focus their attention and stay present.

Affirmation cards for kids

Affirmation cards

These specially designed, and easy-to-use Affirmation cards help children develop positive self-talk and encourage self-compassion and gratitude. By repeating affirmations such as "I am loved," children can build confidence and self-esteem. Affirmation cards can be used as a tool for emotional regulation. When children feel anxious or stressed, they can repeat affirmations that help them feel calm and centered.

Breathing Exercises Cards

These uniquely illustrated breathing exercise cards help children relax and reduce stress and anxiety. Breathing exercises also help children improve their focus and concentration. Focusing on the breath can help children clear their minds and stay present in the moment while promoting better sleep.